Crystal Light: Pure Fitness

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The best decision I've ever made in regards to my body is giving up trying to lose weight and instead shift my focus on being healthy and physically fit.  I had somehow convinced myself that good health would come from losing weight rather than the other way around--I needed to start taking healthy steps such as exercising daily and drinking more water, and with that good health and fitness would come the weight loss I was anxious to achieve.  By which I mean clothes weren't fitting and it was either buy a new wardrobe or attempt to make my body fit my old jeans.

Last winter, I got a Wii and started running regularly on Wuhu Island and that was the first step.  I've managed to schlep myself down to the basement to put in a half hour of cardio at least five days a week.  The increase in exercise brought an increase in water consumption.  And finally, the exercise and water consumption (which helped curb some of my extra eating because my stomach was sloshing with liquid) led to some slow weight loss.  It's little steps that are sustainable over time.

Join me for the next four weeks as I participate in the Crystal Light Pure Fitness program and find ways to keep fitness fresh.  Each week, I'll be posting about things I'm trying and I'll be using this space to round-up my various posts on the topic.  I'll also be giving away a $100 gift card at the end of this program and every comment will count as an entry into that sweepstake.  So jump into the conversation!